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Kill them all, God will know his own

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Birthdate:Oct 10
Location:United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
"You'd find it easier to be bad than good if you had red hair," said Anne reproachfully." People who haven't red hair don't know what trouble is." - Anne of Green Gables.

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1789, 1793, anne boleyn, apathy, architecture, aristocrats, art, art history, baking, balzac, baroque, beheading, being a victorian prostitute, being bored by bands, big boots, blasphemy, bleeding heart liberals, boden, books with happy endings, breastfeeding, bristol, camille desmoulins, cath kidston, cathars, catherine howard, catholic sex, chanel, chateaux, chocolat, corsets, costume dramas, crap shags, cupcakes, curry, curve, cute revolutionaries, cynicism, dangerous liaisons, danton, dave, delerium, desultory blow jobs, dog soldiers, domestic goddess, edith wharton, eighteenth century france, emilie autumn, emilie de st amaranthe, empress josephine, english civil war, etiquette, evanescence, expensive make up, fall out boy, fanny burney, fashion, france, from hell, garbage, georgette heyer, glitter, guillotines, henry v, heresy, historical biographies, historical fiction, history, indiana jones, jack the ripper, jane austen, jaws, kitsch catholicism, la reine margot, lapsed catholicism, lichtenstein, lip gloss, looking surly, losing things, lostprophets, lucile desmoulins, madame de pompadour, marie antoinette, mesh, muse, my boys, my chemical romance, my-name-is-melanie-not-mel, nattier, painting, paris, pearls, pendulum, petit trianon, pimms, pink kitchen apparatus, plates-with-shoes-on, playing on repeat, poetry, political correctness gone mad, praying for your soul, pride and prejudice, princess diana, princesse joseph de monaco, princesses, pub quizzes, purgatory, radiohead, ranting, reading, reading-in-the-bath, red hair, red lipstick, regency romances, repenting for my sins, ridicule, rocaille, rococo, rome, saint just, sarcasm, schadenfreude, scruffy men, sculpture, seeing the light, sense and sensibility, sephora, sex and the city, sharks, sherlock holmes, shiny mac goodness, shopping, the french revolution, the georgians, the tudors, trivial pursuit, vegetarianism, versailles, victorian whores, vigee lebrun, what-would-marie-antoinette-do, white lies, whitechapel, within temptation, writing, zola
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